Unit Leaders please note the following:

  • This is your responsibility to convey the knowledge about award programme to the participants of your unit.

  • You are responsible to take initiatives those may help your award participants in completing award requirement in four sections, Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Expedition. You have to coordinate between award participants, school head and the Zonal/National award authority office in this regard.

  • You are to collect registration fee (Rs.1000 or as per your allowed discount rate) duly completed forms with 03 photographs and convey them to Award office. Please note that the fee is charged at once as registration and documentation charges.

  • Get yourself trained/briefed from a nearest award office and fill Unit Leaders registration form before you start working.

  • You have to enroll new participants during March-April and August September every year and any induction in between is not discouraged.

  • You have to fill Award Completion Process form when your participants have completed the Award requirements and forward that to the Award office.

  • Please do read frequently News & Events at our website that will make you current.

  • Claim your monetary incentive (10% of the fee and Rs.500 bonus if applicable) from National Award Office over a claim form
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